All Students must abide by the College Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines.
Breach of these Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines shall render them liable to disciplinary, administrative and legal action including but not limited to imposition of fine, suspension or expulsion (both provisional and permanent) from the College.

  • No student is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet, notice, pamphlet or handbill in the College premises.
  • Use of mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited in the College premises and during the College Functions. Mobiles and cameras confiscated shall only be returned if disciplinary committee permits.
  • Smoking in the College premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Every student of the College is required to be punctual in the class. Any student remaining absent from classes without proper permission for a continuous period of 06 days, excluding holidays, shall be struck off from the College Roll unless the cause of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the Principal. In that case, the student may be re-admitted within 15 days (after his name is dropped from College roll) on payment of Re-admission Fee and College Dues.
  • No student is allowed to leave the class without the permission of his/her teacher or until the class is over.
  • Late-comers in the class may be marked absent.
  • Any political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the College premises.
  • A fine of Rs.10/- per lecture will be imposed for absence without proper leave.
  • Students must keep the College identity Card during their stay in the College premises and during College functions.
  • Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform while attending the College.
  • The College authorities reserve the right to revise any class schedule or to re-arrange the classes.
  • The College is not responsible for any loss/damage regarding the student’s belongings.
  • The College students, while parking the bikes/motor cars, are required to put proper lock on them. The College administration shall not be responsible for any loss on this account, whatsoever.
  • Any false information on the Application Form may render the student liable to expulsion from the College.
  • The College, shall have the right to take any disciplinary, administrative and legal action against a defaulting student committing breach of any of the College Rules, Regulations, Policies or Guidelines. Such an action may include, but shall not be limited to, expulsion, suspension, withholding of Examination Admission Forms of the Board/University, release of the Examination Roll No. Slips or withholding the examination result card issued by the Board/University particularly due to any of the following.
    • Poor Attendance
    • Non-payment of College Dues
    • Poor overall Academic Record
    • Failure in the College Examinations
    • Any other reason not specifically mentioned herein
  • If the College Administration pays any amount to any Authority, Board, Government Department etc. on behalf of any Student (s), all such amounts shall remain recoverable from such Student(s) as outstanding College Dues.
  • Shifts and Sections once allotted to the students shall not be changed in any case.
  • Students may apply for the cancellation of their admission (subject to the permission of Principal) within 15 days after getting admission, however no fee refund shall be made.
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