Well Come to Govt Zamindar College ,GUJRAT.

Government Zamindar College, Gujrat is a Government college located in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Behind the establishment of Govt. Zamindar Postgraduate College Gujrat, we can very clearly see an individual’s passionate love for education and training. This individual is Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, whose name will always stand glowing in the history of educational progress and promotion. Inspired by Ali Garh University and its phenomenal contributions towards the educational uplift of the Muslims of the Sub-Continent, Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, dreamed of establishing a similar institution in Gujrat to enlighten the people of this city and its neighboring areas. This dream did not remain only a dream because a vigorous practical struggle of Nawab Sir Fazal Ali worked wonders, and Govt. Zamindar College came into being as a glorious educational institution, having strength and power to produce distinguished individuals, embellished and equipped with extraordinary

The personal credibility of Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, attracted and involved a large number of people in this very noble cause of establishing a grand educational institution. The establishment of “Zamindar Educational Association” was the first step in this regard. The association, headed by Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, proved to be a great platform for the achievement of the supreme objective of spreading education. The people of Gujrat, realizing the sincerity and commitment of Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, extended their full cooperation. The generous land donations from the people of the village Madina Syedan, and Sabowal furthered this cause and made the destination come nearer and nearer An agricultural farm in the possession of irrigation department was also specified for the purpose of establishing an educational institution exhibiting grandeur, glory and grace. The glorious e orts of Nawab Sir Fazal Ali resulted in the establishment of Zamindar High School for Boys in 1927. The association proved its effectiveness even more splendidly by laying the foundation of Zamindar College Gujrat in 1937, close to the robustly working school. In 1972, the Government of Pakistan nationalized both the institutions which have been working as public sector institutions since then.

Location: Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan

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